Nimkish is a rising Indigiqueer pop artist based out of Vancouver, B.C. Her first album, Heartbreak On The Coast, was released on August 30th, 2019. The debut album charted #1 on the CiTR Discorder Charts the week of its release, and has since received national radio play on CBC Reclaimed. Nimkish writes from a personal place and of the many trials of life and heartbreak. Her raw lyricism is seamlessly intertwined with catchy pop melodies, and is backed by a smooth blend of Pop, R&B, and Electronic Music. After the humble success of Heartbreak On The Coast, Nimkish is almost ready to share new music with the world. The second album, Damage Control, is a snapshot of the young artist’s life as she moved through the uncertainty brought by the last few years. It’s an incredibly vulnerable and honest album about navigating grief, escapism, isolation, and the state of the world. Nimkish experiments with a fresh, new sound as she leaves the Heartbreak On The Coast era behind and gracefully welcomes a new one. Her long awaited second project is to be released in 2021.